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Teilprojekte TR18 english

(A) Generation of particle and photon beams:

A1 Electron acceleration with ultrashort relativistic laser pulses
- G. Pretzler, O. Willi, Uni Düsseldorf

A2 Electron laser acceleration
- S. Karsch, Uni München; L. Veisz, MPQ Garching

A3 Theory of electron laser acceleration and applications
- A. Pukhov, Uni Düsseldorf

A4 Theory of laser plasma physics with relativistic few-cycle-pulses
- A. Pukhov, Uni Düsseldorf

A5 Ion acceleration from laser irradiated thin foils with pulse durations ranging from 800-fs to 5-fs
- J. Schreiber, P. Thirolf, Uni München; M. Kaluza, Uni Jena; M. Schnürer, MBI Berlin;

A6 Quantitative measurements of electric and magnetic fields in high intensity laser matter interactions using proton imaging
- O. Willi, Uni Düsseldorf; M.Schnürer, MBI Berlin

A7 Generation and characterization of attosecond-duration x-ray pulses in the relativistic regime
- G. Paulus, Uni Jena; G. Pretzler, Uni Düsseldorf; L. Veisz, MPQ Garching

A12 Ultrafast hard X-ray generation
- C. Spielmann, Uni Jena; O. Willi, M. Cerchez, Uni Düsseldorf; S. Karsch, Uni München

(B) New states of matter at relativistic intensities:

B1 Laser plasma physics with relativistic ultra-short pulses
- O. Willi, Uni Düsseldorf

B5 Advanced numerical methods for simulations of relativistic short pulse laser interactions with high density plasmas
- A. Pukhov, Uni Düsseldorf

B7 From Compton scattering to strong field electrodynamics
- H. Gies, G. Paulus, Uni Jena

B9 Optical probing of relativistic laser-plasma interactions
- M. Kaluza, I. Uschmann, Uni Jena

B10 Amplification of ultra-short relativistic laser pulses by stimulated Brillouin scattering
- G. Lehmann, C. Müller, Uni Düsseldorf

B11 Interactions of intense laser and relativistic particle beams
- C. Müller, Uni Düsseldorf

B12 Simulation of quantum-vaccuum processes in ultra-intense laser fields
- H. Ruhl, Uni München

B13 Quantum and classical effects of radiation in relativistic laser plasmas
- N. Elkina, H. Ruhl, Uni München

(C) Technological developments:

C2 Sub-10-fs, multi-Terawatt optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier development
- L. Veisz, MPQ Garching